Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sinful Shine: Pragmatic

Today I bring you Pragmatic, a lovely purple shade from the new Sinful Shine line that is exclusively at Walgreens. This line promotes something called "Gel Tech for ultimate gloss." Each bottle is sold for a pretty affordable $2.99.

This purple did not photograph well, since the actual shade is a tad darker and more vibrant in person. The shade looks more like the petals on these sweet peas in fact. There is also an incredibly subtle silver pearl shimmer, but it's only noticeable in the bottle. Once the shade in on the nails, the naked eye can't even perceive it under any sort of light. So while this color isn't a creme it might as well be.

The brush for this new line is nothing special, if you're wondering. They all have your traditional round brush that the original Sinful line uses as well. The formula for this bottle was fantastic though. I had full opacity with two coats and the application was smooth. The drying time didn't take too long and as advertised, this polish was very glossy without a top coat.

Now, since Sinful is under the umbrella of Revlon, I believe that Sinful Shine is the more affordable alternative to Revlon ColorStay nail polishes. Two of the shades even look like exact dupes for Revlon ColorStay's Blue Slate and Midnight. In the Sinful Shine line, these two shades are named Blue Suede Shoes and Set the Mood instead.

Overall, I liked my first experience with Sinful Shine very much. Sinful Shine seems to lean more towards creme shades and subtle shimmer, so if you're looking sparkle, glimmer, or metallics, I'd look elsewhere. 

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