Saturday, December 22, 2012

CoverGirl: Lash Blast 24HR

Lately I've been trying out CoverGirl's Lashblast 24HR mascara since it's been rather wet and rainy around here. The other two mascaras I've been using don't hold any curl at all if the weather is heavily misty or rainy, so I thought I'd give Lashblast 24HR a go and see how it works out in those scenarios.

My shade is Very Black, which I think might be the darkest black shade available. At least it was the darkest choice I had at the Target I was buying it from. This mascara claims to last up to 24 hours while not claiming to be waterproof. From using it for several weeks now, I'd have to call this an incredibly water resistant mascara. I currently use Clinique's Take the Day Off eye makeup remover to remove this mascara since my usual cleanser that also removes makeup just doesn't get the job done. However, this mascara definitely does not last 24 hours, having begun smudging under my eyes at around the 7 hour mark. The smudging is minor though and nothing a Q-Tip couldn't handle.

I have found that this mascara gives me amazing curl to the lashes and it lasts all day long. Even if the weather is very wet and I've had some exposure to the elements, my lashes will still look good. Whereas, if I was using my Revlon Grow Luscious or Almay Get Up and Grow mascaras, I would have experienced wilting lashes as soon as I stepped out into the wet climate. Let me add here that my "some exposure" to the rain and whatnot is of the incidental kind, like the step out of the building and walk to a nearby car or walking down the block in light rain with no umbrella kind. I can't say how well your lashes would look if you spent some time in a downpour with no umbrella, but I'd say the curl to your lashes would be the least of your worries if that were the case.

Like the other Lashblast mascaras, this one comes with a rubber brush. It has short bristles around a rather thick wand that tapers ever so slightly at the tip. As you can see in the photo above, the bristles are very short at the tip and less dense in number. I really wish the tapered part was designed differently since the tip is where most of the excess is located and without longer bristles, it's extra work to scrap off. Plus, I find that separating the lashes using that end of the wand isn't as effective and I usually just try to coat my lashes with the tip and then brush it through using the middle part that has longer bristles as best as I can.

Sorry about the light exposure! Was the best representation of my lashes. 

Overall, I really do like this Lashblast 24HR because my lashes do look very nice with it. When I first acquired it, the formula will be a bit wet, but after I used it twice, I found that it became just right for me and I enjoyed using it. Right now, I've been saving this one for whenever the weather is wet since I like that it keeps the curl, but, I'm not always up for the removal process so chose not to make this mascara my normal everyday go to choice. 

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