Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Body Shop: Honeymania

Another post! I'm going to make the most of my winter break and post as much as I can. I do have a few things that I'd been keeping on the back burner while I continued to tell myself that I'd get to it. This is the basically the best time for me to be productive in something other than work related things.

I've recently discovered the Honeymania scent from The Body Shop and I am completely obsessed. The Body Shop claims that the Honeymania products contain Community Fair Trade honey, hence the name Honeymania. The scent to me smells similar to honeysuckles, sweet and lightly floral. So, I suppose this post will only be relevant if you're fan of honeysuckle.

I've heard plenty about how wonderful the body butters are, but I guess I was of the minority and could not stomach any of scents offered, not a single one. The website says Honeymania is one of the newest scents introduced to their regular collection. With the Christmas season in full swing I was able to grab a holiday mini set impulsively in store and quickly fell in love with the scent. After experiencing the mini set, I had to have the fragrance version of Honeymania and a backup of the mini body butter. Currently, the sales are also rather outrageous on the website and in stores ranging from 40-50% off and when I had ordered earlier in the month I was able to get free shipping by ordering around $30 worth of products. So this is definitely the time to be buying if you're looking for a deal. I'm sure the after Christmas sale will be worth it as well.

Now on to the actual products. Let's start with the body butter, which I really can't compare with the other The Body Shop body butters, since I haven't tried them. The texture of Honeymania is almost solid, it's so thick. I don't think I've tried any body butter quite like that. The application though is extremely nice because it isn't sticky or overly oily, two major turn offs for me. Honeymania also absorbs and combats dryness really well and I find that the scent lingers beautifully too.

As for the Honeymania fragrance, it is an eau de toilette, so it will not last as long as a parfume but probably longer than a body spray. The scent of the fragrance is just like the body butter and some of the other Honeymania products that came in my mini set, so the scent is consistent through the entire line. I did not notice any change in the scent profile with my own body chemistry as I wore it, but fragrances can be tricky and I would suggest testing it out at the store and wearing it for around 15 minutes first.

Overall, I highly recommend Honeymania if you're a fan of honeysuckle or a floral scent that doesn't remind you of what your grandmother would wear. 

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