Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sally Hansen Triple Shine: Sparkling Water

My local Walgreens finally stocked the new Triple Shine line from Sally Hansen. Most of the shades weren't very impressive to me though so I wasn't inclined to buy any except for one, Sparkling Water.

Sparkling Water is a metallic teal blue with purple flash, in the bottle at least. I really loved the purple flash I saw and thought that this would be something different from my collection. Unfortunately, once applied, the color did not stay true to what was in the bottle. The shade was more of a green leaning teal instead of the blue I was expecting and none of the purple flash showed up to the naked eye. I would say that this shade was almost a dupe for my Zoya Charla polish, except Charla has golden flakes that actually show up.

The quality of the polish was very nice though. It applied smoothly and dried quickly. I needed three coats to achieve full opacity and I was able to do it in record time. The bottle cap is the double cap design. The square actually comes off and you end up with round handle to paint with. The brush for this line is the wonderful wide flat brush that you see with the Complete Salon Manicure, Nail Growth Miracle, and Insta-Dri lines from Sally Hansen.

The other downside to this polish is that I paid $5.79 for it and the bottle contains 0.33 fl. oz. The Insta-Dri line sells for $4.99 and a bottle 0.31 fl. oz. I don't think 0.02 fl. oz warrants a price increase of $0.80. If the price hike includes the cost for producing that extra cap I have to remove before using it, then I'd rather have my $0.80 please. 

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  1. This is one of my favorites from the line for sure, even though it is disappointing that the purple doesn't show on the nail.