Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sigma Make Me Blush Kit

I recently watched xteeener's new video about her favorite Sigma brushes and I am smitten by this 12 piece set that she recommended. This line is called Make Me Up and the particular set I want on my wishlist is the Make Me Blush kit in the coral color. This line also has Make Me Classy (black), Make Me Crazy (purple), and Make Me Cool (aqua) kits.

How cute is this set? The container and the brush handles are matching! This kit is a bit pricy at $99, but you do receive 12 brushes plus a container that can function as 2 separate brush holders.

The brushes included in this set are a pencil, tapered blending, eye shading, eyeliner, large shader, small angle, medium angled shading, large powder, large angled contour, duo fibre, foundation, and concealer.

I love the color and how convenient this set is for travel or everyday use. I'll be attempting to acquire this set, but although the deal is good, I can't actually just shell out $99 for it at the moment. Plus, I do already have quite a few good brushes that are serving me well now so there's really no immediate need for them. For someone who has no brushes or very few brushes, I would say aim for this set. Through my make up news vine, I hear that Sigma brushes are well liked overall and the quality is very nice, so this kit wouldn't be a great gamble if you want to make sure your money is well spent.

*Photos belong to Sigma.

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